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Termites are gone in 1, 2, 3 - that’s our treatment process here at Termite Inspection Brisbane. When you hire us to get rid of your termites, we’ll work with you to not only treat, but also to identify and prevent potential issues that could lead to another termite infestation down the road.

Leave termite treatment to the professionals. We know the methods that can help you kill termites and prevent it from recurring. We have several treatment methods that we employ to help combat both small and serious termite infestations alike.

For example, we might treat the soil around your home with a termite insecticide or even apply this treatment to the wood used in the structural integrity of your home. Known as a termite barrier, this method is usually effective at keeping the vast majority of termite infestation under control. If that doesn’t work - or if this solution isn’t right for you - we can explore other options, too, like applying a foaming or dusting agent or even using f fumigation to kill termites in a specific area.

Before we leave, we will also provide you with a customized list of actionable steps that you can take to keep termites out in the future. We might instruct you not to disturb the soil or areas that have been treated and give you some home maintenance steps you can take to prevent re-infestation, too.

Termite Treatment Benefits

Termites are a big deal - especially in Brisbane. They cause more property damage than all other natural disasters combined. Repairing termite damage can put a huge dent in your household budget, too. Rather than spend hours of your time worrying and thousands of your dollars in rectifying a termite infestation problem, be the solution with an active preventative plan.

There are countless benefits to investing in termite treatment. For starters, you might think you’re an expert at telling different kinds of pests apart - but are you really? Termites are sneaky professionals at what they do, and they like to hide in places you probably don’t inspect on a regular basis.

Not only that, but calling on Termite Inspection Brisbane is a smart choice to help give you peace of mind. Termites cause most of their damage before you even know it’s a problem. If you’ve seen signs of a termite infestation around your home, don’t delay - you should call us for an inspection and treatment plan before it’s too late. A typical colony of termites can gnaw through a foot of wood in just a couple of months. With a number of termite species to worry about, their appetites are, needless to say, voracious.

Don’t let termites get the upper hand. The benefits of termite treatment and control are tenfold - and we’ll do everything we can to minimize the threat and impact of termite infestation.

Process For Termite Treatment

Treating termites starts with a thorough preventative plan. Taking steps to prevent termites can save you tons of money. When you work with Termite Inspection Brisbane, we’ll help you root out the leading causes of termite infestation and take steps to prevent a problem in the future.

For starters, we’ll identify sites where moisture is problematic. Moisture is necessary for termite colonies to live, so we’ll help you check for plumbing leaks, eliminate areas of wood-to-ground contact, and identify landscaping features that could be a concern (such as stacked firewood near the home, standing tree stumps, and dirty downspouts and gutters).
We are glad to inform that we also do termite inspection services all over Brisbane area. If you need services for any termite concerns, call Termite Inspection Brisbane. We would be delighted to assist you!
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